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Therapy for lesbian, gay, queer, and transgender clients. Therapy for anxiety, stress, work stress, parenting, moms, men, grief, identity, confusion, college students.



Collaborating with clients on tailoring my workshops to meet their needs is a passion of mine.

I have given talks at conferences across the country and internationally, from the Czech Republic to Montreal, in addition to teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

My workshops are interactive, challenging, and informative.

Across all arenas my main goal is audience engagement and education.

Workshops for parents, managing stress, wellness, pandemic stress, suicide prevention, diversity.


Wellness for Moms

Understanding and Managing Stress

Suicide Prevention

Introduction to Understanding &
Utilizing Mindfulness Meditation

Well-being & Self-care in a Pandemic

Understanding & Managing Anxiety

Decreasing Self-criticism

Self-criticism as a Social Justice Issue.
Learn to fight back.

Queer Mental Health & Coping Strategies

Using Nature as Therapy

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