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Therapy for women and men. Therapy for genderqueer folks. Therapy for anxiety, stress, parenting, grief, college, social anxiety, relationships problems, couples.



I utilize a combination of behavioral, motivational, and cognitive techniques to help adults with ADHD increase productivity and accomplish their goals.

  • Who can benefit from ADHD Coaching?
    • Anyone with a diagnosis of ADHD (also commonly known as ADD)

    • Anyone who struggles with time management, task initiation and completion, forgetfulness, inattention, and disorganization.

  • Is it effective?
    • Empirical research supports the use of coaching as an effective method to help manage some of the day to day difficulties of executive function challenges.

  • Is it the same as therapy?
    • No, coaching is very different from therapy. Although I am a licensed psychologist and having a unique amount of training in treating mental health concerns, such as ADHD, coaching has a different purpose and approach.

    • Therapy is used to develop insight, including emotional insight, to create change in one's life and often involves the use of interpersonal and emotional interventions.

    • Coaching is less about building emotional insight and more focused on identifying and changing behaviors to increase productivity and building concrete skills to manage adhd symptoms. It is less intensive, it is brief, and it is not focused on emotional well-being, although both therapy and coaching may result in an increased sense of well-being.

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Getting Started

Getting started is simple.

Send me a message using my messaging portal on my Contact page or call me.

We will schedule a first appointment that will be 30 minutes long.

This First Appointment will be an opportunity to assess your needs and determine your goals.

Ongoing appointments will be one to two times a week and are 25 minutes each. Ongoing appointments assess & manage barriers to productivity, task management, planning, and skill building.


Initial Appointment 30 minutes: $40

Ongoing Weekly Appointments: $25

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